Jaunty By Joia John
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Expressing a lovely, cheerful and self confident manner!


Jaunty by Joia John was created by model, influencer, and children’s book author Joia John. Jaunty means lively, cheerful, and expression through a self confident manner which is the staple of the companies birth. The everyday woman can be comfortable but still feel confident whether it’s wearing the lounge sets around the house, running to the grocery store, or pairing it with the body butters and oils we offer. Our mommy and daughter section can make for great bonding moments in which they both can be cute and cozy together. Our premise is to make sure we are affordable no matter your lifestyle. It works for all demographics. However, the most important part is that 15% of the proceeds every month will be donated to charity. Joia John has worked in non profit group homes for abuse and neglected teens of all walks of life (pregnant teens, autism, etc) and sees the disadvantages these children have based upon the circumstances in which they grew up and currently live. It’s affordable yet making a change and helping those less fortunate. We want to create an entire atmosphere. We hope to instill confidence in everyone we touch.